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Our Company specialises in all kinds of interior finish works, using glass and mirrors, at such places as offices, hotels, private houses, public buildings or malls. All you need is to contact us and to make an order. Then our specialists will do all works step by step – from concept creation to assembly works as such.

TEHCRISTAL is a branch of a French Company – Glassdebourg. European quality, safety and innovations become even closer and more available now. Although our Company is rather youthful, we have already implemented more than 400 projects of different difficulty and with different targets. We appreciate your time, that is why we do our best to do our work in the shortest possible time. But, certainly, that will not affect the quality in any way.

We co-operate only with the time- and experience-proven European brands, in order to provide our customers with the most qualitative materials and fittings. We offer a wide array of glass choices: common glass, general-purpose glass, designer’s glass (coloured glass with printings or inscriptions applied), armoured glass or speciality glass that can resist the aggressive environmental impacts at manufacturing sites or in severe climate conditions. Our professionals thoroughly follow the up-to-date trends in design, fashion and glass production. We will offer you the glass you did not even know about but it will suit your tasks perfectly. We invite you to the world of aesthetics, innovations and functionality – to the world of TEHCRISTAL!

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