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Tempered glass, a number of specifications

Compared with conventional glass with the same configuration, the tempered glass has increased resistance to a temperature difference of up to 200 ° C. When answering the question beyond the resistance, the tempered glass is destroyed by fragmentation into small particles and does not pose a serious danger of injury. The tempered glass counteracts impacts five times more than conventional glass, and records an average burst pressure of 120 N / mm. Because of their anti-noise properties, spaces are protected from noise, and resistance to mechanical stress, wear, corrosion and weathering is high. The advantages of tempered glass provide considerable freedom in design, design and performance, so reliable glass elements can work perfectly in different applications.

Laminated glass
is a type of secure glass, obtained by overlapping two or more glass sheets and interposing synthetic films such as polyvinyl butyral. Its advantage lies in the fact that, in case of breakage, the resulting glass fragments remain attached to the plastic film and thus avoid accidents.

It is...

1. Description and Specifications

Digital printing with ceramic ink is a technology specifically created for glass printing.

Unlike paper or fabric, glass is a non-absorbent and transparent surface,

the digital ceramic ink prints in the oven, fusing with glass, making it very durable.

Ceramic ink thhe printer uses seven basic colors: blue, green, white, orange, red, black, yellow,

which combine to reproduce almost all the color spectrum.

Special Inks:

  • metal, gold, and platinum colors.
  • non-slip ink
  • blast imitation ink
  • special outdoor ink

2. Technological Advantages

  • Digital full color printing with resolution up to 1410 dpi.
  • Maximum panel size: 2400 x 4000 mm.
  • Thickness of glass panel between 4 and 19 mm.
  • Outstanding color intensity.
  • Accurate glass transparency control.
  • Accurate positioning of ink...
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