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Branch of the French company Glassdebourg

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innvavation, quality and safety

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TEHCRISTAL is a branch of a French Company – Glassdebourg. European quality, safety and innovations become even closer and more available now. Although our Company is rather youthful, we have already implemented more than 400 projects of different difficulty and with different targets. We appreciate your time, that is why we do our best to do our work in the shortest possible time. But, certainly, that will not affect the quality in any way.

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Reception at the clinic

Bathroom in the hotel

Promoție 2023

1 January 2023

Ne place să oferim cadouri! Și întotdeauna o realizăm cu placere și din toată inima.

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The motto of TEHCRISTAL Company is ‘Innovations, quality and safety’. That’s is why we co-operate only with the time- and experience-proven manufacturers of glass, fittings and accessories. We do guarantee absolutely safe use of all the goods we offer. Besides this, we are open for co-operation and always welcome new brands and ideas. If your Company values comfort and safety of your clients, as we do, or specialises in high-quality glass and fittings, please, contact us by telephone number +373 22 60 00 66.



Tehcristal-innovation, quality and safety
in combination with aesthetics and functionality

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